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The Exponent History

Main Street Grandview

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                                                     SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF GRANDVIEW & GILBERT PLAINS

Vol 115, No. 15                                           Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Creating a connection

By Jennifer Carniel
Mountain View School Division held a Business Community Luncheon on Wednesday, March 8, 2015 at the Grandview School. Several businesses and trades people were invited to the luncheon to hear about Mountain View School Division’s success with the High School Apprenticeship Program and the Career and Technology Studies.
Donna Davidson, Superintendent for MVSD, addressed MVSD’s Action Plan for students and how as part of that action plan, one of the goals is to have students more prepared for post-secondary education or workplace transitions and how the High School Apprenticeship Program and the Career and Technology Studies has helped the division obtain that goal.
Lindsay Rubeniuk, Coordinator for the High School Apprenticeship Program and Career Technology Studies explained how the program. The High School Apprenticeship (HSAP) is open to students who are 16 years of age or older and are interested in exploring a career in the trades. HSAP provides practical and paid work experience and receive a credit towards their high school diploma. The purpose of this program is to provide an early opportunity for youth who are interested in a trade, to get a head start by participating in the program and after graduation, using their hours from the HSAP on the job training.
The Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is based on a student’s desire to learn more about a certain lines of work and employment. CTS program is comprised of numerous individualized community-based internship experiences and opportunities and is guided by curricular outcomes and industry expectations. The CTS program helps students to develop skills applicable to their lives and interests no and into the future; gives first-hand information and guides career and post-secondary

Lindsay Rubeniuk speaks to local business owners about MVSD’s High School Apprenticeship Program and Career and Technology Studies at a business luncheon on Wednesday, March 8, 2015 at Grandview School.            Photo by Jennifer Carniel

NFU disappointed Supreme Court not hearing CWB class action case

The National Farmers Union (NFU) is disappointed that the Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear the farmers’ Class Action lawsuit stemming from the Harper Government’s dismantling of the single-desk Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). Had the case proceeded, the Supreme Court would have been able to determine whether common law property rights apply to collective interests in property, namely the assets farmers paid for and added value to as a result of their management and direction of the CWB. The central question of the case was “Did the federal government unlawfully expropriate a proprietary interest of grain producers in the CWB by enacting the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act in 2011?” The class action also claimed that by dismantling the single desk CWB, the government unjustly broke its trust and interfered with farmers’ economic relations. The 

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