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The Exponent History

Main Street Grandview

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                                                     SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF GRANDVIEW & GILBERT PLAINS

Vol 115, No. 30                                          Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Burrows history documented in book

By Erin Knight
This homecoming weekend we will immortalize the activities of the T.A. Burrows Lumber Company in Saturday’s mill site re-enactment, and for good reason; Burrows’ presence is thought to have been a major catalyst in the development of Grandview and surrounding area. Without T.A. Burrows, the Grandview you know and love today would not exist. Author Maryel M. Andison will be among the visitors travelling to Grandview watch the mill site come alive. Andison has some special ties to T.A. Burrows that are making the festivities all the more memorable. Her husband, Jim Clarke, is the owner of Burrows Lumber Ltd., the present form of the infamous T. A. Burrows Lumber Company.
“We know the Burrows family well,” remarks Andison. While not direct descendants of T.A. themselves, she and her husband have taken a keen interest in the history of Burrows Lumber. It was Jim who first recognized the importance of recording the company’s past, and hired multiple would-be authors to write a biography before eventually turning to Maryel. “It kind of fell into my lap,” she comments. “The 

The life and times of T.A. Burrows Re-enactment will be performed on Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. at the old Burrows Mill site as a part of the Grandview Homecoming 2015 celebration.

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