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The Exponent History

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                                                     SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF GRANDVIEW & GILBERT PLAINS

Vol 114, No. 41                                               Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Teachers committed to doing their part in closing achievement gap

While 86 per cent of Manitoba students met or exceeded expectations in the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) national results released today, Manitoba Teachers’ Society President Paul Olson says more must be done to ensure success for all students.
“Teachers are committed to working with government and the education partners to do their part in supporting Closing the Achievement Gap, Success for Every Student, the Manitoba Government’s action plan unveiled today,” says Olson.
“As professionals, we are never satisfied,” he says. “So we will look at teaching methods, curricula, and anything else we can do to make a difference in each child’s education. Some of the very things holding back the 14 per cent who didn’t meet expectations in Manitoba are simply beyond teachers’ control, though. They have nothing to do with education and everything to do with larger societal issues.”
Olson says Canada has not moved the bar on poverty. “So when a child consistently comes to school demoralized, without breakfast and ill-prepared to learn, we cannot simply teach that child out of that hole. In order to begin to address those issues, we need to look at the granular analysis of the PCAP results that will likely be issued early in the new year.
“That information is vital in order to drill down and find out how and where to target our efforts.”


Student from Grandview School attended the Intermountain Water Festival held on September 24, 2014. Photo Submitted

2014 Intermountain Water Festival

The 7th annual Water Festival was held on September 24 and September 25. The Water Festival is an educational event organized by the Intermountain Conservation District (IMCD). Approximately 285 students from Camperville, Dauphin, Ethelbert, Grandview and Winnipegosis participated in the event. 
Students spent the day visiting various educational stations which included: food chain game, critter dipping, water conservation game, forestry, soils, bear safety, composting, stream table, wildlife bingo, watershed model, migration headache and a nature walk. Lunch was provided by the IMCD. The IMCD is looking forward to hosting the event again next year. 
The Intermountain Conservation District is a partnership between Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship and the following municipalities:

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