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The Exponent History

Main Street Grandview

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                                                     SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF GRANDVIEW & GILBERT PLAINS

Vol 114, No. 34                                                Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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A rare collection makes its way back to Grandview

By Jennifer Carniel
Finding old and antique artifacts can be a real treasure and a rare find. Grandviewís Watson Crossley Museum and the Grandview Legion Clubroom have a vintage war scrapbook that was given to Annie Maude Miller (Anderson) who passed away in 1969. 
Annie and her husband Archie Miller, moved to Grandview around 1936 and had nine children. Five of the nine children served their country in various ways. The Millerís eldest son, Ivan Miller, was a fighter pilot who was shot down over the English Channel in 1942. Opal Miller Trammell, the Millerís second child, was a Captain in the US Army Air Nursing Corps and served in the Far East. The second and third sons of Archie and Annie Miller, were Cpl. Lawrence Miller and Cpl. Alden Miller. Both were PPCLI and served in Italy and France. Norma Miller Green was the youngest daughter and she joined the WRENS.
In 1940 Annieís daughters, Norma and Bertha, had put together the war scrapbook for her as a Christmas present. Annie then gave the book to her eldest daughter, Maude McIntyre.
The war scrapbook has been donated to the Watson Crossley Museum by Maude McIntyre, who is currently from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Maude married Neil McIntyre who was formerly from Grandview. Their daughter, Hazel McIntyre-Kassebaum, 

War scrapbook donated to Watson Crossley Museum by Maude McIntyre. Photo by Jen Carniel


Three weeks to go and counting

By Jennifer Carniel
Elections can be a time where history can be made, and that is definitely the case with this upcoming Municipal Election. With the amalgamation process underway, the upcoming newly elected Councils for the Gilbert Plains and Grandview Municipalities have alot of groundbreaking work ahead of them. It is an opportunity for change.
Currently for Gilbert Plains residents, the registration for Councilors has been from June 30, 2014 to September 16, 2014 and for Reeve, it has been from May 1, 2014 to September 15, 2014. The nomination period will be from September 10 to 16, 2014.
As of August 19, 2014, none of the current Town of Gilbert Plains Council has registered or formally stated they will be running for re-election however there has been some general discussion that there may be one or two members from the former Town of Gilbert Plains Council and one or two members from the former RM of Gilbert Plains Council that will come forward during the nomination period to run for re-election. Two candidates 

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