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The Exponent History

Main Street Grandview

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                                                     SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF GRANDVIEW & GILBERT PLAINS

Vol 114, No. 49                                              Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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GF2 initiative to help local producers

By Jennifer Carniel
It was announced on Monday, December 8, 2014, that seven Manitoba based food-processing companies will receive funding to purchase new equipment to better meet consumer demands, improve efficiencies and create opportunities for economic growth across the province.
The funding has been provided through Growing Forward 2's Growing Value - Commercialization program, which helps new and existing agri-processors bring foods and other agriculturally based goods to market through product development, market research and productivity improvements. 
The projects and funding received include: Notre Dame Creamery Ltd. in Notre Dame de Lourdes - $60,000 to purchase a butter printer, which is used to package smaller butter portions and create new flavoured products to meet market demands; Red River Milling Inc. in Niverville - $100,000 to add a pneumatic conveyance to its hemp processing facility, which will increase efficiency and improve food safety and quality; Cavalier Candies Ltd. in Winnipeg - $50,000 to purchase new equipment to wrap and seal their candies, which will increase efficiency and capacity needed to meet consumer demand; Ash Apiaries Ltd. in Gilbert Plains - $36,000 to develop and commercialize a line of energy beverages, which will use honey as the only sweetener and a source of other nutritional benefits, as well as $50,000 to purchase equipment to put tamper-resistant seals and shrink seal labels on packages; Red Dog Enterprises Ltd. in Swan River - $16,000 to commercialize compounds extracted from red osier dogwood trees in human health supplements and animal feed; Stoney Brook Creamery

Minister Ron Kostyshyn, Brent Ash and MLA Stan Struthers do a tour of Ash Apiaries as part of the GF2 initiative. Photo by Jennifer Carniel

Not just an old boys’ club

By Jennifer Carniel
The Grandview Game & Fish held their Annual General Meeting and head scoring night on Monday, December 1, 2014 at the Ross Cairns Memorial Board Room in the Grandview Kinsmen Community Centre. There were four entries for this year’s head scoring night; Colby James 151 3/8ths; Derrick Pulock 126 4/8ths; Tanner White 118 2/8ths and Richard Lobert 117 4/8ths.
The Grandview Game and Fish has six members on Council. Dave Minshull is the fish pond liaison; Jasmine Ironstand is the membership rep; Jennifer Melnychenko is Treasurer; Gavin James is Secretary, Lindsey Morran is Vice President and Andrew Melnychenko is President. 
Melnychenko thinks there is a common misconception from the public about the club in terms that it is an old boys club that just talks about hunting or fishing. The Grandview Game and Fish is responsible for both representing the people who enjoy wildlife as well as the wildlife itself and preserving hunting and fishing heritage. 
“Hunting and fishing is a tool to conservation and has an important role to 

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